Ozone Magazine Issue #83 – DJ Booth: DJ X-Rated

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DJ X-Rated is one of the most influential DJs in the country. If you didn’t know, DJ X-Rated is the main DJ at one of the premier strip clubs in Atlanta called Magic City, and he also DJ’s at Strokers, Kamaal 21, and Stacks (formerly the Body Tap). In Atlanta, the strip club scene is known as the the place to “break” new music by A&Rs, artists, etc. For more information, see the following spotlight on MTV.

DJ X-Rated is well known for breaking new music in the Atlanta music scene, and has DJ’ed at every major strip club in Atlanta including Magic City, Strokers, Body Tap, Kamaal 21, Pin Ups, Blue Flame, etc.  He has helped to break new records in Atlanta by several artists including Travis Porter (“Go Shorty Go”), Roscoe Dash (“All The Way Turnt Up”), D4L (“Laffy Taffy”), Young Jeezy (Trap or Die Mixtape), T.I. (“I’m Serious”), Yung Joc (“It’s Going Down”), Soulja Boy (“Crank Dat!”), Snoop Dogg (“Sexual Seduction”), T-Pain (“I’m In Love With A Stripper”), Waka Flocka Flame (“O Let’s Do It” and “Hard In The Paint”), Alley Boy, etc. Several of the major rap artists (Young Jeezy, etc.) have mentioned DJ X-Rated in their songs and choose the strip club venues as a place to promote their new music and find new talent.

This month’s Ozone Magazine features DJ X-Rated in their Sex issue – Issue #83. Check out the article and interview after the break. Shout out to DJ X-Rated. Also, if you didn’t notice before – I have a category for this blog called DJ X-Rated where I feature many of the new up-and-coming records that he plays in the clubs. Definitely check it out if you want to know what’s bubbling in the ATL.

As you probably already presumed from his name, DJ X-Rated emcees and DJs at a strip club. But not just any shaker junt is suitable for X – he only hosts the best, like Atlanta’s World Famous Magic City (Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays). Through his Coalition DJ association, which includes DJs Funky, Fernando, Big X, Burn One, Esco, and Shawty Rock, X is tied into nearly every upscale gentlemen’s spot in the A. Knowledgeable on music and how new records are broken, DJ X-Rated is also very insightful when it comes to the adult entertainment industry. For this year’s sex issue, we sat down with X for a closer look at the naked hustle, and asked about everything from celebrity sightings to freaky encounters.

How did you get into the DJing game and end up with the name X-Rated?
I played football at Auburn University and got injured. Once my football career was over, I came back home. I went to a strip club, Pin Ups, on the Eastside. I was talking to the DJ and he went to the bathroom, so I just jumped on the mic and just went off. The whole tempo of the club changed, and the manager asked me if I wanted to host an amateur night. That was when Dirty, which is my nickname, became X-Rated. My style is uncut, it’s not rated. It’s in-your-face.

A lot of music, especially in Atlanta, starts off in the strip clubs before it takes off everywhere else. Explain the importance of the strip clubs in relation to the music scene.
Breaking a song in the strip club is very important for an artist. You can’t go to a regular club and get that shit played first because the club promoters are always worried about the dance floor. But in the strip club, I can mostly play whatever I want, as many times as I want. That’s how you start breaking a record, by playing it a lot and in the major clubs where big name people go. Most of the Program Directors come to the club to see what’s next. The strip club is kinda like the streets; you gotta give ‘em what they want. If a girl ain’t feelin’ your shit, she’s gonna stop dancing and let you know. It’s a great platform to know if you’ve got a hit or not.

Which dancers in Atlanta are pulling the most customers?
At Magic City, the hottest is a crew of 5 girls called the Snack Pack. They did Jeremih’s “Raindrops” video. They perform – they’re taking the stripping out of the club and bringing it back to theatrical dancing. They be on the pole upside down, doing crazy acrobatics. It’s more like a Vegas show, as opposed to a girl just making her booty bounce. Remember White Chocolate? She branded herself with stage performances. It’s another girl at Strokers named Picture Perfect that’s killin’ ‘em. She does videos and acting too. At Onyx, there’s a girl named Honey. Magic City also has AppleBottom.

Who are some celebrities that have come to your club recently?
Last night we had OJ and Kuntry. We get A-listers like Kanye West and Michael Vick. Michael Jordan has even been in Magic City. I’ve partied with The Game, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, and Twista. All the local celebrities come to the club like Gucci, TI, Jeezy – Jeezy might be number one because he kinda started his whole career in the strip club with the BMF era.

Who are the biggest spenders in the strip club?
Damn, you’re gon’ get me in trouble…The NFL players are the biggest spenders. Rappers mostly do it for promotion. They might throw a thousand ones when their song comes on to bring attention to it. But the NFL guys might get $25,000 in ones. The dude spending $100 is a fan or a spectator, that’s what we call ‘em. But the most I ever seen in one night was going back to the BMF era, something like $50,000 or $75,000 in one night. That’s in single bills. People dancin’ on stacks of money, money flyin’ in your drink, it was crazy.

Do girls fight over the money with it being everywhere like that?
Fuck yeah. It’s money and women – you know those two things don’t mix. It’s competition. The management and club owners have to work it out. If one girl is dancin’ and got a pile of money, and an NFL player comes in and starts throwin’ money, it’s gonna go into someone else’s pile too. It’s hard to separate who’s money it is.

Do you date the dancers?
I have dated a dancer. Just because she’s a dancer doesn’t mean she’s degrading herself. I think of it as an American hustle. I don’t know anywhere else you can go for 3 hours and make $3,000, legally. Half the time the girls don’t even take their clothes off. It’s entertainment. As far as dating one, as long as you respect yourself and know what you doing, it’s cool.

There’s a lot of guys that would look down on actually dating a stripper.
Some guys can’t date a stripper, cool, that’s what you like. I like what I like. A square nigga might not be able to handle that, like, “Oh I love you, why you keep goin’ back to the club.” The first thing she gon’ say is, “You met me in a club.” There’s no understanding or trust. If you don’t have self-esteem, you’re not gon’ make it. She’s gon’ hurt your feelings. You might as well date one of them bitches at Wal-Mart. A dancer is a little bit above average. When people come in the club they think about sex because you’re naked…

So is sex what’s on your mind? How do you deal with that?
It’s so fuckin’ hard. I’ve been doin’ this since ’02. I couldn’t control myself for the first 2 years. I was fresh out of college and these girls were drop dead gorgeous. As a man, hormones kick in. You gotta control that. The first 2 years I was probably working for free. I was spending all my money in the club on drinks, dancers, and food.

What about when you’re dating someone outside of your profession. Do they have a problem with what you do?
Yeah. It’s hard for a woman to know her man’s finna go to the strip club and be around beautiful, naked women every day, and there’s alcohol involved. Some schoolgirls, or nerds, that’s what we call ‘em, they insecure. They‘re not thinking about that’s their man and he’s coming home to them with a fat ass check.

Okay, so what you do is a job, but you are in the sex industry and there’s obviously behind the scenes stuff that goes on. What kind of freaky stuff have you witnessed?
The freakiest shit I ever saw was some girls in the DJ booth eatin’ each other out. One time I had a girl say a customer jacked off on her ass. She came to the DJ booth asking for a wipe. I’m like, “What the fuck?” She’s like, “Somebody nutted on my ass.” Crazy shit. A dude was walkin’ around in the back with his dick out tryin’ to get a dance. Now, I’ve never seen anyone have sex in the club. Of course, I know it goes on, but the spots I work at are very classy. But in smaller clubs, where they don’t get much attention, they doin’ it.

Do you have any projects going on outside the club?
I’ve got the website DJX-Rated.com. We’re breaking artists – we work with a lot of regular DJs too like Scream, Montay, Drama, and Black Bill Gates. We’ve got the Tupac Tour coming up with The Outlawz. It’s ten dates overseas – Africa, Moscow, Australia, and Amsterdam. We have some mixtapes coming. We’re getting into film. Google XposeTV – it’s on YouTube. We do photography and music videos. We got Stripper Radio on Sirius XM. I can also be booked to host parties. I want to get more into marketing and promotions, and my film production company. It’s more than what you see. //


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