Banksy’s Unannounced Art Sale

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For his 13th day in New York, British street artist, Banksy, pulled a prank on unsuspecting passersby in Central Park by setting up an art stall with dozens of 100% original signed canvases for $60 a piece with the sign “Spray Art”. In the past, his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over a period of 7 hours, only three people purchased a total of 8 canvases. According to Banksy’s website, he indicates that “this was a one off. The stall will not be there again today”. Banksy, who hasn’t revealed his real name, has been in New York over the past week or so creating art on the streets of NYC. Check out some video from the day below.

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Painting With Light And Strobe Bullet Time

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This is a pretty cool video by artist Richard Kendall, which he created using light and bullet time. He notes that this finished work is the result of 3 months of shooting on location with the bullet time rig around China, a 96 camera rig, 30s sequential exposure, a lot of running around with light, and combining manual/pulsing strobe flash. I’m not sure if he used this to create his paintings, but it seems like it would have a similar effect.

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Suspended Color Fluid Photos by Luka Klikovac

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via designboom. More photos after the break.

Photographer Luka Klikovac captures magnified images of colored fluid suspended in the depths of dark water. The bold colors used in the fluid contrast with the dark background and create a mystifying and almost alien like composition. Each shot displays the fluid floats randomly to the bottom in a dripping motion as it strings and clumps together in unique fashion. This experimental technique takes simple colored fluid and makes it look alive, resembling something one might find in the depths of the ocean.

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Only In Japan: Goldfish Salvation

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via thisiscolossal. Watch the video first. 🙂 You can get a sneak peak at how Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori “paints” these amazing (and realistic) three dimensional goldfish paintings. As you can imagine, the process is very detailed, meticulous, and painstakingly executed. More photos and video below.

The fish are painted layer by layer, to finally create a full 3-D painting that would look exactly like “real” and live goldfish. Only, these fish won’t move. The transparent resin gives an excellent appearance of water, making the painting appear all the more realistic. Fukahori displayed his work at a recent exhibition in London titled Goldfish Salvation.

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Old Cassette Tapes Make Marvelous Works Of Art

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Ahh… remember when we all (well some of us at least) used to listen to our music on cassette tapes? Obviously, they have little to no use for most of us now, however, artist Erika Iris Simmons, has found a creative use for her old cassettes. Check out more artwork below.

* On a side note, I recently saw a 10 year old on a plane listening to a walkman and switching out the cassette tapes. I was baffled… I’m still wondering what he was listening to on a cassette player… in 2012!?

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Haunted Victorian Lego Houses

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Artist Mike Doyle constructed these amazingly detailed – and incredibly creepy – victorian houses entirely out of LEGO blocks for his Abandoned Houses series. The houses are titled “Victorian on Mud Heap” and “Three Story Victorian with Tree.” You can find more information about each piece by visiting his site.