Paper 2012 Audi A7

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Taras Lesko was commissioned by Audi to make a detailed paper-version of their 2012 Audi A7. See more photos and the “making of” below.

Paper car was created out of 750 unique parts. Each part was printed and assembled using reference photography and A7 blueprints.

It took 245 hours and 285 sheets of paper to finish the project.

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The Guggenheim Museum’s $100,000 Room

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via mymodernmet. What do you do when you win a $100,000 art prize? You get a bunch of singles, and create another art piece. Check out German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann’s new installation at the Guggenheim which is there until November 2nd, 2011. Pretty cool. More photos below.

Money is art and art is money! Last November, German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann won the eighth Biennal Hugo Boss Prize, an award bestowed by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation for significant achievement in contemporary art. The winner received $100,000 and a solo exhibition at the Guggenheim.

Feldmann decided to give back to the museum in a unique way. He used the money to create an installation that involved tacking 100,000 used one dollar bills to the large gallery off the Frank Lloyd Wright ramp! Why used money? “It’s the notion of value in everyday life,” said Katherine Brinson, an assistant curator who is organizing the exhibition. “It’s something we handle every day. And used money has a previous life.”

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Toothpick Sculpture

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Scott Weaver created this sculpture with over 100,000 toothpicks over the past 35 years! It is a depiction of San Francisco, with multiple ball runs that allow you to go on “tours” of the city. Check out more photos and the video below.

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