Banksy’s Unannounced Art Sale

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For his 13th day in New York, British street artist, Banksy, pulled a prank on unsuspecting passersby in Central Park by setting up an art stall with dozens of 100% original signed canvases for $60 a piece with the sign “Spray Art”. In the past, his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Over a period of 7 hours, only three people purchased a total of 8 canvases. According to Banksy’s website, he indicates that “this was a one off. The stall will not be there again today”. Banksy, who hasn’t revealed his real name, has been in New York over the past week or so creating art on the streets of NYC. Check out some video from the day below.

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Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

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This is a video made to promote the upcoming Carrie remake (due in theaters on October 18th) that features a girl in a coffee shop who gets angry after someone spills coffee on her computer. Awesome prank! Most of the people in the coffee shop are actors, but the people ordering coffee at the counter don’t know… and needless to say they are in shock. Video after the break.

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Money Soap

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It’s money laundering of the best sort. These pleasantly scented soap bars reward clean hands big and small with a surprise inside. You’ll find cash money: either a $1, $5, $10, $20 or even a $50. $13

This is just a guess… but chances are, you are probably going to get a $1 bill. Lol.


Phil Beaudreau – “IJWMFTT”

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The New England-native Phil Beaudreau covers The Beach Boys’ record “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”… sounds great.

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Only In Japan: Tokyo Office Building Is Also A Farm?!

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via Quartz. Instead of building a new headquarters from the ground up, Japanese recruiting company Pasona renovated a 50-year-old office building with a double-skin, green facade and rooftop garden and, most notably, urban farming facilities throughout the building. The building has a rice field in the lobby, a hydroponic tomato farming space surrounded by offices, pumpkin vines growing over one of the reception areas, and lemon and passion fruit trees forming partitions that divide the meeting rooms… pretty cool! Check out some more photos and an informational video below.

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