Tetris Theme Played With Laser Harp On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

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Software developer Greig Stewart p/k/a Theramin Hero performed a laser harp rendition of the Tetris theme for his audition on Britain’s Got Talent. What is a laser harp you may ask? It is an electronic musical instrument consisting of several laser beams, in analogy with the plucking of the strings of a harp, in order to produce sounds. It was invented by Bernard Szajner, and later popularized by Jean Michel Jarre. When I first watched the video, I wondered how it really works. Check out Greig Stewart’s performance (must be watched on YouTube), and a demo by Stephen Hobley after the break. Amazing.

The laser harp below is driven by Arduino (Boarduino variation) and connected to the impOSCar VSTi software synthesizer. The TAOS sensor array sits on its own stand.

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