The Arctic Light

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Great timelapse!

This was filmed between 29th April and 10th May 2011 in the Arctic, on the archipelago Lofoten in Norway. The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of color and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again.

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6 Year Old Kid Rides Sharks For Fun

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Enal is a six year old boy from the Indonesian community of Bajau Laut who swims with the sharks in a penned off area underneath his home in Wangi. Photo by James Morgan.

Whilst few young children are now born on boats, the ocean is still very much their playground and whilst they are getting conflicted messages from their communities, who simultaneously refrain from spitting in the ocean and continue to dynamite its reefs, I still believe they could play a crucial role in the development of western marine conservation practices. Here Enal plays with his pet shark.

Photos Of The Day

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Here are a few photos from National Geographic’s 2010 Photo Contest… I saw the link on my friend Maryam’s facebook page. The photo above is crazy… wow. Check out the description below. More photos after the break.

Unsafe Journey. A woman is riding between the railway carriages of a local train heading north from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Her luggage is tucked under the carriage in front of her. It is the month of Ramadan, a fast which culminates in Eid-ul-Fitr, a three-day celebration. Tens of thousands of people leave the city to go to their home village and celebrate with their families. Trains are packed and many who fail to get tickets before they sell out or can’t afford buying them at the black market ride on the roof of the train or, like this woman, finds a quiet spot between the carriages. (Photo and caption by Amy Helene Johansson)

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