Volkswagen’s Hover Car Concept

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via technologicvehicles.This would be pretty awesome… only a concept for now. Video after the jump.

The People’s Car Project is an initiative launched by VW in China to design the new people’s car, an open-source project where citizens can submit ideas to VW’s R&D in China.

This is the case of Jia Wang who thought of a solution for traffic congestion in the city of Chengdu with a small urban vehicle, spherical, connected that can be parked everywhere (even in the air!) with a simplified operation allowing everyone to take the wheel.
Starting from these basic concepts, VW’s engineers made this idea become true with an original vehicle using electromagnetic levitation -to provide freedom and comfort- but also safety oriented with distance sensors to avoid crashes.

Volkswagen Glass Factory

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via core77. Volkswagen’s “Transparent Factory” in Dresden, Germany… Video after the break.

You’ve never seen efficiency and technology like this. The parts are delivered via mass transit and delivered to the production floor by robots. The floor is beautiful Canadian maple, and yet it delivers electricity cordlessly to rolling workstations via induction. The power tools used by the workers count how many bolts they’ve installed, so you know exactly where you are in the build. Individual cranes suspend the cars at the appropriate height and angle relative to the height of the worker. It’s so safe that car buyers themselves can freaking hop on the assembly line and help build the cars.

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